27th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics 2019 (ISSFD)

Abstract submissions are now closed.

The theme of the Congress is “Innovation within a contemporary aerospace industry”. If you wish to submit an abstract for consideration by the Technical Committee, you must also intend to register for the Congress. Online submission is the only method for submitting abstracts. (Please note: Maximum page length for full papers is 6 pages.)

Abstracts are sought for papers and/or presentations for delivery at the  congress at the Crown convention centre (Monday and Tuesday).  The abstracts describe research and/ or a significant body of work, including from within industry, academia and Defence.

Technical abstracts are sought for papers and/or presentations for delivery at technology sessions on-site at the Avalon Air-show (Wednesday and Thursday Mornings).  The focus of these abstracts can include the design, development, system specification and /or application of technologies relevant to the aerospace domain.

The ISSFD is a series of conferences providing an international forum for specialists in the field of space flight dynamics. Areas of interest for the ISSFD include, but are not limited to:

  • Flight dynamics operations
  • Orbit theory
  • Mission and trajectory design
  • GN&C measurement systems
  • Tracking and orbit determination
  • Maneuver design
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Attitude dynamics, determination, and control
  • Formation flying
  • Constellation design and maintenance
  • Space environment, orbital debris and collision risk mitigation

Please note:  that your abstract will not be included in the program if you do not register and pay for your registration.

Full Papers

Instructions for the preparation of papers will be sent to authors upon notification of the abstract acceptance. The notification will include specific presentation instructions but in the interim, those preparing papers, please see the templates below:

Full Paper Template Peer Reviewed

Submission Deadline: Midnight November 8th 2018 -Expired.

Full Paper Template Non – Peer Reviewed

Submission Deadline: Midnight January 13th 2019.

Journal Opportunity.

“The Aeronautical Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) plans to issue a special AIAC18 edition of selected papers presented at the congress (www.cambridge.org/core/journals/aeronautical-journal). The Aeronautical Journal contains original papers on all aspects of research, design and development, construction and operation of aircraft and space vehicles. Authors of nominated papers will be invited to submit a journal paper, which will go through the regular journal review process.”1